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Fr. Tim's Weekly Column

Fr. Tim's Weekly Column

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The number you see above is Fr. Tim's emergency pager number. I am giving it to you because I want you to be able to get a hold of me in case of an emergency or some DRAMATIC need. Let me tell you a bit about the pager and how we're going to use it.

Some years ago I was visiting some friends I'd known from a previous parish. It was a free evening and I had no pressing duties. The phone rang at their house and someone was asking for Me! It turned out to be a tragic happening that I needed to be present to. (The staff person called several numbers just guessing as to where I might be.) God's grace got us connected that night.

So I've thought a lot about that and in the future I think God could use a little help getting you in touch with me at those crucial moments. So, like so many of you, I now can be paged. I want to be a phone call away from anyone in serious need.

What is "serious need"? It could be a number of things . . . accident, health crisis, tragic news, an immediate and pressing need . . . anything that you think a priest might assist you with at a moment when life feels overwhelming and help is needed right now. Please call 253-2519.

What's NOT a serious need? Oh let's say . . . you're feeling a little blue, you're a little strapped for cash, your dog caught a splinter, the Yankees just lost three in a row and you need to talk to someone . . . for these I'd ask that you wait awhile before calling. I bet you could work these out for yourself.

If you DO call you will be asked either to leave a return number or a voice mail message describing the situation. Anyway, I think you'll understand when I tell you I hope I NEVER hear from any of you on this number. If I never get one call on my pager that will make me happy!!

But please know I want to be there for you in those times that sooner or later happen to most of us . . . times of real sorrow and need.

God bless you and keep you well. What a great summer!

Hope you are enjoying it.

God bless you.

Fr. Tim

Fr. John is my "Wing Man". He's my backup should I be far away at the time of your call.

Pop Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis: homily for feast of Saints Peter and Paul


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We are a Catholic faith community blessed with the joy of God’s love. Together we share this love with all who hunger for God’s presence in their lives. We follow Christ who taught us to find God by giving our lives in service to others and gathering to celebrate a Eucharist that welcomes everyone. Join us on this journey!